When You Have A Heart Of Service There is No Wrong Contact or Connection

Below is a rough transcription of the latest BRX Pro Tip Podcast from the owners of Business RadioX ®

Stone Payton: [00:00:00] Welcome back to Business RadioX Pro Tips. Lee Kantor and Stone Payton here with you. Lee, under this heading of cast a wide net, I mean, the truth of the matter is there really is no wrong contact or connection, is there?

Lee Kantor: [00:00:16] I think that when you have a heart of service you want to serve as many people as possible. And when you’re working to try to explain to someone at a company what you have to offer or to sell them something, I don’t think you can start in a wrong place. And I think that’s a misconception that a lot of folks have because they think that I have to get to this one person with the magic golden ticket, or else, it’s not worth my time pursuing that. And then, they create this kind of impossible situation that, then, they say, “Oh, well, I couldn’t find the “right person”. And so, I’m out and I move on.”

Lee Kantor: [00:00:49] In our business model, it’s easy to just find anybody at the company to interview because it’s aligned with our mission. We want to tell a million positive business stories. So, anybody in the company is kind of a good contact for us. And once you have that initial contact, and you serve that person well, they’re going to be open to telling other people in the company about the work that we do. And so, eventually, we can and usually do get to the “right person.”

Lee Kantor: [00:01:15] And then, the benefit of getting the right person down the road is, now, we have multiple people who like us and they’re championing our work. So, it’s still a win. You still win in the long run. You don’t have to rush, and it doesn’t have to be this binary all or nothing. You can kind of work your way to the right person over time if, like us, you have the heart of service and you want to help folks. So, it doesn’t matter who in the company that you serve. Just get in there, serve somebody, do a good job and work your way to the person who will help you get to, ultimately, where you want to go.

Originally published at https://businessradiox.com on October 22, 2020. To learn how you can have a successful retirement — making more of an impact while making more money, please download our free e-book at ServetoWinBook.com



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