How We Created A Prospecting Machine For Business RadioX ®

Below is a rough transcription of the latest BRX Pro Tip Podcast from the owners of Business RadioX ®

Stone Payton: [00:00:00] Welcome back to Business RadioX Pro Tips. Lee Kantor and Stone Payton here with you. Lee, a very important aspect of our work is having a prospecting machine. I know you and I are big fans of systems and processes. Talk a little bit about creating a prospecting machine.

Lee Kantor: [00:00:22] Sure. A prospecting machine for our purposes is an elegant system that helps you build relationships with your ideal prospect. And at Business RadioX, we feel like we have that kind of machine. And what we do is we reverse engineer radio shows to help our clients serve, nurture and build relationships with the people who matter most to them.

Lee Kantor: [00:00:46] So, at first, what we do is we get clarity on who that ideal prospect is. And then, we have systems in place that help us meet those people, connect with them, invite them on a show, serve the heck out of them, give them important content that they can share, and repurpose. And then, that enables us and our clients to have those relationships, so that at some point down the road, they become top of mind because they are a go-to person in that niche, and that those people want to do business with our clients and us.

Lee Kantor: [00:01:17] So, we have that prospecting machine that we’ve built over the many years that we’ve been doing this. And I recommend that everybody kind of think about that in terms of their business. What kind of prospecting machine can they build in order to help them meet the people they have to meet and serve the people they have to serve in an efficient and effective manner?

Stone Payton: [00:01:40] Well, I’ll tell you what I particularly enjoy about having a repeatable process and a transferable tool for prospecting to have something that systematized. As a salesperson, I think it lets me have a more appropriate and productive demeanor and mindset in the sales process because I’m not so hungry for that one individual sale. I can genuinely focus on trying to serve that prospective client. And if for whatever reason, it’s not a good fit, I have a machine that will generate additional prospects tomorrow, the next day, and the day after. So, it’s a real confidence builder for me. I think it serves me as a salesperson. But ultimately, as a result, I think having that prospecting machine is actually serving the market every bit as much. Do you know what I’m saying?

Lee Kantor: [00:02:31] Absolutely. It just takes all the stress out of your day and out of your work. You’re focusing on serving. It doesn’t matter if this one’s a sale or not. You know that tomorrow, there’s going to be another one. So, it allows you to really live into most people’s mission of trying to make an impact and make a difference every day.



Helping Frustrated Purpose-Driven Leaders Make More Of An Impact By Becoming The Voice Of Business in Their Community

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Lee Kantor

Helping Frustrated Purpose-Driven Leaders Make More Of An Impact By Becoming The Voice Of Business in Their Community