How To Leverage The Power of Compounding In Your Business

Below is a rough transcription of the latest BRX Pro Tip Podcast from the owners of Business RadioX ®

Stone Payton: [00:00:00] And we are back with BRX Pro Tip. Stone Payton and Lee Kantor here with you. Lee, today let’s talk for a moment about the power of compounding.

Lee Kantor: [00:00:09] Yeah. This is something I learned very young when it came to investing and it’s the power of compounding when it comes to money. It’s simple. You just do it relentlessly a little bit. Every month, it comes out of the paycheck. You’re investing for the long term. And let the power of compounding kind of do its work. And then, a little bit becomes a little more. And that pile, it starts kind of working off itself and growing exponentially.

Lee Kantor: [00:00:36] So, this same strategy works when it comes to your own learning. It’s important to block time out each day and learn a little bit. And that might be through reading. It might be through writing. It might be through connecting the dots between what you’re reading and writing. But whatever you’re doing, if you spend some time investing in yourself and learning, it will work just like your money. So, you invest in your knowledge and it’s going to continue to grow. And then, it’s going to surprise you because all of a sudden you’re going to become an expert. And then, you’re going to be able to serve your clients better and you’re going to be able to charge a lot more because now your knowledge has a lot of depth that you’ve acquired a little bit at a time over a long period of time.

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